Slide Dona-professional-senior Professional Services Consulting We work with people over the age of 50 by offering services with a high level of added value.
Our vision is to be part of the professional career of individuals over 50 and until they decide to retire.
All of our services include huge amounts experience accumulated over the years and a global perspective that allows us to be adaptable and flexible. We feel that diversity is an asset, and we are committed to bringing together all of our knowledge and contributions to businesses.


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Why work with talent senior?

  • The best teams are those with a perfect balance between experience and potential. Teams that bring together professionals with different levels of experience create synergies and work dynamics that can positively impact the business.
  • Senior professionals provide a very high level of commitment and a very broad perspective of the business.
  • It is key for businesses committed to social responsibility to properly manage diversity.

About us

Talent Senior is a consultancy firm with a selection of professionals over the age of 50.

We are a senior professionals passionated about people management. Offering exclusive recruitment services over the age of 50. Working with honesty, transparency and rigor. Providing solutions to the needs of companys needing profiles, and people looking por a job.

Montse Pichot

I am Montse Pichot, a psychologist and coach. I have always worked with and for people, and I am certain that this is what I will continue to do. As an outsourced Human Resources Director, I am very aware of the importance of a good selection process and, above all, of the value of talent diversity.

I am a corporate strategy consultant for people management and, among other duties, I coordinate professional selection processes for companies.

I have a strong sense of social awareness and I feel committed to improving my environment, which is why, alongside Carme Dachs, I have decided to start Talent Senior.

Carme Dachs

Carme Dachs

I am Carme Dachs, a psychologist and coach who has always enjoyed dealing with people.

I began my professional career in company HR departments but ultimately decided to work for myself; this was 21 years ago. Being a consultant has greatly benefited me as no two companies are ever the same (in terms of sector, business culture, etc.), therefore, candidates need a diverse range of talents.

I have a strong sense of social awareness and I feel committed to improving my environment, which is why, alongside Montse Pichot, I have decided to start Talent Senior.


  • Recruitment is run by experts, which means that businesses can find the talent they need and the best organisational structure.

  • Our knowledge of the market and the networks of relationships is what helps us find people that meet all the corporate values and provide solid management.

  • People more experienced and with a consolidated careers, provide added value in complex processes with temporary interventions.

  • People who professionalise their knowledge in diverse formats can act as executive project managers in various organisations and adapt their expertise and costs in a very flexible way.

  • High-level expertise and knowledge of different structures provide the vision needed to be able to implement projects that allows for swift changes that adapt to the situation around them.

  • We’re on your side to tackle professional changes by analysing the market and connecting directly with the people you need to know.

  • Professional transition processes

  • Professionals with long executive careers in diverse fields enrich these teams with new contributions and real added value.

  • An interdisciplinary team of professionals from all the necessary fields working with the management teams at small businesses at the beginning of the project.

  • We implement management projects for non-profit organisations in a socially responsible non-profit way.