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Why senior consultancy?


In a scenario where the pace of change is frenetic, only from the serene perspective of experience is it possible to identify levers of stability, from which to articulate responses in the right direction.


The complexity of management has increased exponentially, which is why a broad, objective and expert view is essential to manage diverse expectations and interests.


In planning and decision-making processes, uncertainty is a travelling companion. A flexible position and the ability to learn from the particularities of the company is a key element that ensures the objective.

We propose a collaborative relationship with the client company

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Development of intergenerational intelligence
  • Discrepancy management
  • Senior talent management: mentoring, succession planning and management back-up planning
  • Coaching for seniors: redefining roles and functions
  • Senior expertise in innovation
  • Senior Talks
  • Synergy in knowledge. The client is an expert in his organisation and Talent Senior is an expert in understanding difficulties, planning solutions and implementing them. There must be a relationship of trust that allows open communication, cooperation and complicity in achieving results.
  • Our mission is to contribute to the growth of organisations and the development of people, taking advantage of senior experience, seeking sustainable results, with fulfilment and sense.
  • Each project is led by a manager who is the client’s main contact person. This manager also selects the team of Talent Senior specialists involved in each project.

The consultancy adds value if:

  • The client’s demands, expectations and wishes are well understood.
  • Responsibilities, deliverables, action plans and the project evaluation rules are agreed upon.
  • The objectives of each project determine which Talent Senior resources will be used (nominal groups, training, individual and team coaching, collective intelligence groups, etc.).