At Talent Senior we have a management organization structured across various areas, to give a precise, efficient and agile response to the demands and requirements of our customers. By being close-by and knowing their business environment well, we guarantee an excellent service, with added value across a diverse context.

Canary Islands & Andalusia Director

I am Cayetana de la Guerra, I have a degree in Business Administration, an MBA and a Coaching Certification. I have been HR Director for multinational companies in different sectors over a number of years and am now a consultant and entrepreneur. I have always worked around people. I am convinced that we, the people, are those who make the difference in organizations. I very much enjoy talent and diversity management, change management and innovation.

I am convinced of the benefits that can be generated through synergies of real diversity in organizations.

Talent Senior is a project with a young and revolutionary spirit. I love the idea of breaking taboos and working to place experience at the core, regardless of age. I’m a senior and I’m “seniorious” about this!

Andorra Director

I am Elisa Fité Puig, graduated in Psychology (France), PDD from IESE Business School, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Leading OPCIO-Human Resources for 25 years, I have coordinated and accompanied the cultural transformation, processes and people: diversity, skills, leadership and organizational structure. Mentor in Growth Program for Andorra Business to promote the innovative challenges of the Andorran companies. I am passionate about discovering the potential and innovation capacity of each person as well as creating the right climate for all players to contribute in the direction that each project needs.

At Talent Senior we work with enthusiasm, commitment and honesty. Talent Senior not only generates powerful synergies, but also expands and intensifies the talent of each senior in each of their life and professional stages. Share, empower, vitalize and excel. We are talking seniourly!

Colombia Director

I am Inma Aragón, a professional sociologist and a vocational facilitator of human development. I was trained at the Complutense University of Madrid, when sociology was a career in the making.

My professional history is written in marketing services, as a market researcher, strategic planner and advertising. Until 2014 when my reinvention, rediscovery and rebirth begins in what I love to do: working with and for people in their professional growth with a focus on the elderly, the aptly named senior talent. Getting people to talk about powerful questions that move them to action is my specialty, with Art of Hosting methodologies. Because nothing like creating a collective commitment to make dreams come true.

I feel that my purpose is connected with the mission of Talent Senior to break paradigms about age, to accompany organizations and professionals to live inclusion, to build a better professional world.

Madrid and Central Area Director

My name is Javier González, I have a Law Degree and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Effectiveness.

I am a Director and Manager of People. I have always believed that companies cannot be better than the people who work for them. For this reason I strive to improve and enhance the role of human resources as an essential key value of organizations.

Talent Senior’s fundamental basis is to provide experience, meaning not the number of things that have been lived, but the number of situations that have been reflected upon.

Community of Valencia Director

I am María José and I have a degree in Economics and Business Administration, a Master in Computerized Business Administration (SME Management), an Executive Coach (ICF), an entrepreneur and in continuous training. In my jobs I have always been linked to decision-making in Management and Organization of companies and ready to undertake new professional challenges. I am committed to the growth potential of the talent of people and companies, accompanying the team in its exponential development and in its reorganization, ensuring the best management of its resources, leading change and professionalization. I work to empower people, to break down the “3G” barriers: Generation (from X to Z), Gender and Geolocation, and to achieve business sustainability through cultural and digital transformation.

I am passionate about this project and I feel fortunate to be part of Talent Senior. My motivation is to get us to stop living at the level of our beliefs and start living at the level of our talents by crossing any barrier that gets in the way.

Quality & Compliance Director

I am María José Rivilla, graduated in Statistics, Master in Quality Management and Six Sigma Black Belt.

For more than 20 years I have been Quality and Operations Manager, in multinational and SME companies, currently I help all kinds of companies to improve their operations, using my extensive experience in monitoring processes and creating strategies to improve efficiency, productivity, quality and general results.

I’m proud to be part of Talent Senior. We, the seniors, have a long working life ahead, and we want to contribute with our experience and knowledge to those companies that need it. We have a lot to offer: experience, courage and talent. Let’s go for generational diversity! We are talking seniorly!

Consulting Director

I am Lluís Casado Esquius, Economist and Psychologist. I think that over the years I have achieved a good integration of two worlds, only apparently, as far apart as are the economic results and the well-being of the people.

I have worked in private companies, in public administration and as a consultant, trainer and coach. In all these areas I have learned, I continue to do so, and I like to share what I learn. I think that’s one of the advantages of being a senior.

In recent years I have oriented my gaze towards managing in uncertain and complex environments, and this has helped me to value diversity, collaborative spaces and collective intelligence.

Talent Senior is precisely an opportunity to work actively to achieve synergies from a diversity of age and views, to be able to continue learning from colleagues with life and professional experiences very different from mine and, above all, to provide a broad and serene perspective that the years give.

External Management Director

I am Josep Lluis Berengué, trained in Business Administration, Master in Human Resources Management and several postgraduate courses in People Management, Leadership and Practical application of Labour Legislation.

I am certified as Executive & Team Coach, accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

I describe myself as a People Management professional, with a generalist vision and experience in the various responsibilities of the Human Resources area, in multinational and family companies. I have lived through times of growth and expansion and also times of crisis and recession, and I can state that “change has been constant”, having to face and manage uncertainties, expectations, ambitions, fears, pressures, conflicts, negotiations, successes and mistakes.

From my experience, I am convinced that nowadays every organization needs to have motivated people sharing the project and focused on achieving the established objectives.

Career Transition Director

I am Rosa de la Calzada, I have a degree in Psychology, a Master in Human Resources Management and in Executive & Team Coach.

I began my professional career as a psychotherapist and subsequently I have worked for more than 20 years as Director of Human Resources and Director of Talent and Executive Development at an international level, in multinational companies. In recent years I have focused on mentoring and promoting professional development processes at an individual and team level from consulting, training and coaching.

Being part of Talent Senior is a gift, it allows me to give meaning to my professional purpose by providing support to senior professionals, who want to design and carry out a new project at a age stage in which they have so much knowledge, experience and generosity to contribute to a business or organization.
Talent is undoubtedly diverse and also very senior!