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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diverse companies
They encourage the development of talent through respect, dialogue and inclusion, taking into account the different needs of the workers.
They work to strengthen commitment, through credibility, transparency and eradication of prejudices, promoting an innovative culture.
They are more agile and flexible because they spot challenges and opportunities quicker, leading to improved business performance.
They have a great asset for learning, incorporating different points of view. They favour effective collaboration and challenge orientation, characteristic of innovative cultures.
They pass down knowledge better through generations, preserving the essence of the organisation, but orienting it towards the future.

They incorporate sustainability into their strategy, because they are sure that it is possible to generate social and environmental impact while growing and developing a business.

They know that society is diverse and demand that brands have greater empathy towards their needs. Companies that are committed to diversity have greater abilities to connect better with their customers, offering new solutions in the market.
Projectes de diversitat i inclusió

The culture of diversity is the best lever for the innovation in the company

  • There is a direct relationship between the deployment of different dimensions of diversity in the company and the detection of opportunities. Companies whose management models are based on a diverse approach are up to 20 % more innovative than the average, which leads to an improvement in economic results of up to 9 %.
  • Companies that promote diversity generate cultures based on transformative leadership and offer high-value products and services, a better connection with their customers and greater process efficiency, because they are companies that are oriented towards the management of challenges.

The Diversity Plan,
Our strategy.

  • Analysis of the company in relation to diversity management. Challenges and opportunities.
  • Inclusion of diversity in selection processes and development plans.
  • Definition of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy to involve all areas of the company, establishing concrete and measurable objectives.
  • Development of actions and establishment of alliances for diversity and inclusion.
  • Training and communication materials to raise awareness.
  • Development of actions for collaborative innovation in teams.