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Plans de diversitat
Planes de diversidad

is not a choice

The best team is the one that balances experience and potential. Teams where professionals with different degrees of experience coexist create synergies and work dynamics that positively impact the company.

Senior professionals provide a high compromise level and a wide vision of the business.

It is important for companies committed to social responsibility to manage diversity properly.

What do we do?

  • We help you to develop the instruments in your organization, that are legally collected in areas related to equality between men and women.
  • We develop a tailor made plan to suit your organization, with a lot of attention and common sense, making things really happen.
  • We are experts on equality, people management and data analysis.
Plans de diversitat

Equality plans
Work & Life balance
Inclusive lenguage
Prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment

Equal remuneration RD 902/2020

Compensation Record

Royal Decree Law 6/2019, of March 1, on urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men at work and occupation, modifies article 28 of the Workers’ Statute and includes the Obligation of companies to keep a record with the average values of salaries, salary supplements and extra-salary perceptions of the workforce, disaggregated by sex and distributed by professional groups, professional categories or job positions equal or of equal value, in such a way that the employees can access, through the legal representation.

This record includes senior positions and management.

Every calendar year.

It also establishes that if a company with at least 50 employees has an average remuneration for employees of one sex higher than those of the other 25% or more, the company must include in the Salary Record an explanation for this difference, which cannot be related to the gender of the employees.