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All companies, regardless of their size, need management in their different areas, based on practice and experience, to guarantee the best management.

Whether the objective is to maintain the company’s activity or to grow and expand, it is essential to have management profiles that lead, facilitate and promote the definition of the strategy, and thus guarantee the expected results.

Area management on a part-time basis according to needs.
Small and medium-sized companies that find it difficult to handle all managerial functions internally can size up their need and outsource management with maximum managerial competence.

El Management externo de Talent Senior


  • Los Servicios son totalmente a medida y ajustados a las necesidades de cada empresa en el área o áreas de gestión donde desarrollar el proyecto. El proyecto se define con detalle entre la empresa y Talent Senior.
  • El proyecto lo desarrolla un Directivo/a sénior, con el soporte de Talent Senior. El servicio se concreta en dos modalidades:
    • Un proyecto concreto, con una fecha de inicio y de final y con unos objetivos concretos y definidos.
    • Una Dirección integrada a la organización de la empresa, concretando sus servicios con presencia en su empresa, y concretados por días a la semana o al mes. Es un servicio con visión medio-largo plazo.
  • Talent Senior presenta al Directivo/a que considera que es el profesional que mejor se adapta tanto al proyecto definido, como al estilo de la empresa que contrata el servicio. Sólo se realizará el proyecto cuando el profesional propuesto por Talent Senior, sea aceptado por la empresa cliente.
  • Services of senior professionals, who provide extensive experience and knowledge with support of Talent Senior’s multifunctional team, to provide a global response in management areas.
  • Your company’s management team reinforced by senior professionals, adjusting their dedication to the time required.
  • Costs adjusted to the needs, invoicing only for the defined dedication.
  • Senior management experts, whose experience and knowledge contribute quickly and directly to the development of your business.
  • Flexibility and adaptability, according to the needs that may arise.

What is an external manager like?

  • We are a consultancy with a team made up of senior professionals over 50 years of age, who provide companies with extensive experience, knowledge and practice in each of the management areas in which they specialise.
  • We bring a proven professional track record, with experience in family business, SMEs and multinationals, having worked internationally.

In which management areas we can help from Talent Senior:

  • People Management
  • Financial Management and Controlling.
  • Quality Management.
  • Operations Management.
Management Extern