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Inclusive leadership

Lideratge inclusiu

To transform organisations committed to diversity

The best team is the one that balances experience and potential. Teams where professionals with different degrees of experience coexist create synergies and work dynamics that positively impact the company.
Senior professionals provide a high compromise level and a broad vision of the business.
It is important for companies committed to social responsibility to manage diversity properly.

Inclusive leadership

  • Diversity in organisations needs a strategic vision.
  • Leaders must be able to lead diverse teams and generate collective intelligence.

Why do we talk about inclusive leadership?

  • Companies need to build teams that lead high added value projects.
  • These teams are increasingly diverse and their members need to assert their uniqueness.
  • Diversity is a challenge but also an opportunity that requires new skills.
  • Managing diversity requires knowing how to include different models to achieve unique and agreed objectives.
  • Inclusive leadership is no longer a personal choice.

Work proposal

  1. The profile of the leaders.
    • Analysis of individual profiles (tests and interviews).
    • Analysis of the profile of the leaders in the group (training and assessment session)
  2. Characteristics of an inclusive leader
    • Eagerness to learn.
    • Avoidance of unconscious biases.
    • Strength to deal with difficult situations.
    • Group intelligence.
    • Multicultural outlook.
  3. Diversity of thought.
    • Analysis of biases and beliefs.

The programme includes

  • Individual work with leaders and profile analysis
  • Analysis of the company’s diversity policies
  • 2 group sessions to develop the new skills
  • Development of an internal handbook on how to lead inclusively, which highlights specific behaviours
  • Design of informative material and protocols of action for the people in the company
Projectes de diversitat i inclusio