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Professional transition process

Processos de transició professional
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The disengagement of senior professionals has special characteristics, and the career approach no longer responds to learning skills, but to understanding the personal brand positioning and the working relationship of the new stage.
For Companies

A specific team of professionals for each scenario.

For Individuals

Designed for results

Senior professionals, faced with a situation of disengagement, need to work on specific aspects, discarding those that lack value and focusing all resources on those that really help to achieve their objective.

At Talent Senior we are well acquainted with the personal process of a senior who has to face a labour market entry; therefore, our response is totally personalised.

We build an exclusive strategic plan, and within this framework we move towards the fulfilment of objectives.

Each process of this service is unique and exclusive for each professional.

We designate a project manager that works with the professional from day one and monitors the process until the end.

We design a specific route according to the defined objectives and we manage results and reorient the process if necessary.

In each case we use powerful tools to determine skills and competency profiles and include neuromanagement material to understand the overall functioning of the person and their professional profile. The interpretation of results is always carried out by certified professionals.

We offer each professional the possibility of working in non-profit organisations, collaborating in projects related to their field of expertise, with the aim of maintaining the activity and not losing habits.

This service is designed as an intensive project over time to obtain rapid results and stimulate the professional. It is individual, focused and adaptable to each profile and situation.

For Companies

The professional transition processes at Talent Senior are supported by a wide range of experts in the different areas in which the client needs support and counselling.

An expert coach leads the entire process and is always the person who organises all the support and decides with the client when an issue needs to be addressed in a particular way.

We have professionals, all of whom are seniors and have first-class curricular backgrounds.

For individuals

Talent Senior professional transition processes are adapted to the needs and objectives of each professional, therefore we offer two different packs.
Basic pack
5 face-to-face-virtual work sessions and 2 networking sessions with other professionals.
Full pack
8 face-to-face-virtual work sessions, 2 networking sessions and 2 follow-up sessions.


  1. We assign a project manager
  2. We work on the professional profile with specific tests on competences and personal skills.
  3. We study the profile with neuromanagement tools
  4. We draw up a strategic plan focused on results
  5. We assess objectives and deadlines
  6. We organise the project with professional experts who transmit knowledge and experience in the following areas:
    • Networking and how to turn it into an ally
    • Financial aspects and economic decision-making
    • Legal framework of the personal situation
    • Story building (personal storytelling)
    • Move among portals and LinkedIn
    • Physical training and health status
    • Contact with other senior professionals with valuable stories
    • Personal agenda management
    • Personal negotiation tools
    • Contribution of professional value to a social entity during the process