Senior Consultants

The team of professionals who supports Talent Senior’s consultancy projects have a very solid track record and many years of experience.

They are senior professionals with recognised prestige and solvency that allow us to guarantee excellent results and the best service to our clients.

Isabel Almandoz


I have been a professional in the field of psychology for more than two decades and I have oriented my knowledge of people towards the business world. I have an extensive experience in human resources management and consultancy, developing strategic people management projects for various organisations and sectors, both public and private.

I am happy to be able to highlight the potential of experience through a project that focuses on seniors and their great contribution to the labour market.

Teresa Baró


My specialities are public speaking, spokesperson training, non-verbal language analysis and the development of non-verbal behaviour for each job position.

As you get older, the risk of being left out of the job market or stuck in an inferior position is great. But there are strategies and communication styles that help to avoid this.

Guy Giménez


I have been working as an international coach and consultant on the 5 continents for almost 30 years, both for governments and public administrations as well as for multinationals and large companies. My career and life has allowed me to develop a sociocultural vision with a high sensitivity to diversity.

I am convinced that the target group with which Talent Senior works is probably the one that can best contribute to the consolidation of the foundations of change and our knowledge society.

Carlos Grande


I have a degree in Biological Sciences and have worked for 25 years as an HR Manager. I currently run my own Academy, training and helping people, professionals and teams to improve. In my extensive education, I would highlight a master degree in HR Management and Administration, a master degree in Emotional Therapy and a university master degree in Coaching Psychology.

I love the chance of being part of the Talent Senior project, valuing experience and talent of senior professionals and thus being able to enrich the HR market.

Joan Plans


I am Joan Plans, a graduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, with a PDD from IESE, as well as various courses on management and Human Resources, because at my age, I have had time to do a lot of things.

I believe that talent is honed with experience, work and perseverance, and I think that the Talent Senior project is a necessary project for a world that needs prepared people.