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Senior Talks

Conferencia Senior Talks
A space for creativity and development of ideas that revolve around seniority

Senior speakers to talk very seniorly.

We talk, from senior centricity, about aspects related to senior talent and personal competences, emotions, ideas… with a very open mind, incorporating critical thinking and committed to intellectual diversity.

45 minutes full of thinking with a touch of humour and magical realism.

The viewpoint of the team of speakers will surprise us and will help us to understand how it is essential to manage and, above all, not to waste the experience and solidity of the most mature minds.

The Senior Talks are a space for creativity and development of ideas that revolve around seniority and the talent of senior people in organisations.

From many different perspectives and approaches, we talk about how this group understands management, work and, in the end, life.

These Senior Talks generate knowledge and innovation and they help to think from other angles, such as diversity.

Seniors & marketing
Salva López

Founder & Owner

Why do some old rockers never die (but others do)?

This marketing professional, musician and online event producer will talk to us, guitar in hand, about how musicians manage to stay relevant despite the evolution and changes in the environment. He will reveal the keys to re-imagine themselves and the most useful questions that everyone, sooner or later, must ask themselves.
Elena Sancha

Marketing Director

La Sylver Economy

In a few years, one third of Europe’s population will be over 65. Older people with free time, increasingly fitter, independent and financially strong will be one of the driving forces of the economy. They are active people who like to look after themselves, do sports, eat well, dress tastefully and enjoy life. Their consumption model is premium and they also demand higher quality services. This is why they are a target with great potential and become a very relevant audience for companies. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity.
Senior women
Teresa Baró

Communication skills trainer for professionals

Diversity at its best

As you get older, the risk of being left out of the labour market or get stuck in a position that is lower to your rightful place is big. But there are strategies and communication styles to help you avoid this. And it starts with attitude and optimism, and believing in yourself.
Belén Badia

Manager of People,Communication and Systems

What do senior women on boards of directors bring to the table?

We need to incorporate the so-called “women values” in all areas of society in order to move towards a model of sustainable development and global human progress.

Senior women bring key competencies to boards of directors.

It is essential to ensure gender diversity and diversity of vision, so that the role of top-level corporate bodies includes women in their strategies.

We cannot do without 50% of the population. Statistics show us that women are highly educated and are demanding their rightful role in organisations.

Joan Plans

Writer, speaker and professor

How to manage engaged teams in a complex world

What is expertise? How do you use it to catalyse the engagement of your teams in a world that increasingly resembles an amusement park where surprises and changes of scenery are unpredictable?
Norbert Monfort

Passionate about peopleand sick organisations

Senior thinking

At the last business meeting most people said that people over 50 are not up to date to live in this BANI world, but the amazing thing was that they hadn’t had in mind that I was there. Am I invisible to these young people?

What I am saying may seem exaggerated or fictional, but if you want to talk about it and about how much seniors can contribute, I’m here. Generation Z and Y, prepare to know the real diversity and inclusion.

Meritxell Teixidó


Keeping the brain fit through experiences

Throughout our lives, we accumulate experiences of all kinds and of different emotional intensities.

We connect more functions and our brain develops quick and wise responses because it knows ways and reads challenges better.

Flexibility, adaptation to change, maturity, strategic vision… All of these are senior super competences par excellence. A wiser brain is a more strategic brain and strategy is seniority and accumulated expertise.

Alfons Cornella

Expert consultant in innovation

Curiosity keeps us young

Learning means being interested in understanding and experiencing what we do not know.

Curiosity is a competence that is not usually talked about in companies and is not part of the catalogue of skills to be developed in the organizational environment.

On the other hand, curiosity determines how we age and face the stages of working maturity.

People who are connected to their environment learn from others and share knowledge because they understand the value of the group.

Curiosity is the basis of cognitive development and will make us valuable seniors in the marketplace.

Senior Life
Joan Anton Català

Science communicator and consultant

The fortune of life

At a time when everything is changing around us, achieving emotional balance is a goal that everyone wants. Realising what really matters and is fundamental helps us to minimise problems and move forward.

This conference shocks the audience with some of the many coincidences that have placed us on this planet and makes us think about how fortunate we are to be alive and about our priorities.