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Senior Women Managers on Boards of Directors


Talent Senior’s vision for women

We select senior female directors according to the type of company and the board’s composition.
We advise on how to make the Board more operative and effective by analysing existing profiles.
We design strategies that result in a better functioning of the Board, enhancing the collective intelligence of the team.
We evaluate the profiles of the company’s own female directors in order to detect potential female board members.

Senior Women Managers on Boards of Directors

Companies are constantly faced with new and diverse challenges involving innovation and model transformation.

Boards of Directors cannot remain oblivious to these needs and must also focus on productivity and efficiency in decision-making.

A successful board is receptive to innovation and change and recognises the value of diverse perspectives and insights. The ideal composition of boards of directors should include a variety of experience, expertise and points of view to provide strategic support to senior management, ensuring sustainability and risk management.

The future is diverse

Senior women managers bring to boards competencies and skills that complement and enrich existing ones, generating more effective results in line with the challenges of sustainability and good governance.

There are many arguments for assessing the importance of encouraging the participation of women in management positions, beyond complying with the recommendations of the CNMV’s good governance code to increase the presence of women on boards to 40 %.

Diversity of talent with the inclusion of women contributes to:

  • Better decisions
  • Attracting and developing talent
  • Impact on sustainable development

Gender diversity in the working world generates tangible economic benefits. Women are essential to consumer decision making and there is a positive correlation between the presence of women in leadership positions and financial and organisational performance.


Are you betting on a Diverse Direction in your company?