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Let’s talk about diversity

Let’s talk about seniority

If your company has good praxis that you want to share and, above all, recognise and value, at Talent Senior we support you.

Your company is Seniorly Responsible if it…

  1. Manages its people with active diversity policies
  2. Strengthens diverse work teams
  3. Has career and development plans for all age groups
  4. Recruits senior talent on a regular basis
  5. Adapts regulations according to people’s stage of life
  6. Understands what intergenerational language means
  7. Encourages the role of seniors as transmitters of organisational culture
  8. Develops policies that allow retirement accompanied by formulas for remaining in active employment
  9. Adapts time management according to people’s needs
  10. Does not fall into aged-based stereotypes in its communication campaigns
Company Seniorly Responsible Badge
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