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Finding the right professional for a specific role requires expertise and a broad vision of the market and the business; it’s not easy to get the most talented people with the most experience to make changes without a serious and attentive process.

Recruitment is run by experts, which means that businesses can find the talent they need and the best organisational structure.

Talent Recruitment in Talent Senior

  • Talent Senior offers staffing and recruitment services exclusively targeted for profiles over 50 years of age.
  • We recruit all kind of positions: executive, technical and support.
  • We always offer a detailed service agreement and a 3-month warranty period after incorporation.
Talent Senior’s process
  1. Definition of the profile to be recruited
  2. Structuring of the staffing process and sources
  3. Planning of the process and tests
  4. Presentation of the service service contract and detailed process
  5. Submission of the candidate shortlist, including individual reports
  6. Process is closed once the professional is hired
  7. Follow up during the 3 first months, including interviews with both the new hire and the organization
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Staffing Solutions

Understanding the right fit of the professional into the organization is key to guarantee success in the staffing process. Thus, during the process, we ask for as much information as possible, we talk with the partners of the position to be filled and with its direct manager and visit the customer’s premises whenever possible.

We use different resources depending on the profile to be staffed:

  • Direct Search when it is the only way to staff potential candidates or when the market makes it hard to find them any other way.
  • Customized Technical Tests if the customer asks for them.
  • A Competency Evaluation which provides valuable information for the process is always done.
  • Once we identify the most suitable profiles based on our customer specifications, detailed reports of every candidate are drafted and presented to the company.
  • We also offer the possibility of being present during the first interview between the company and the candidate in order to help clarifying both the position and the candidate suitability.
  • Once the professional is hired, we conduct 2 follow up interviews in order to help make this new relationship a success.
  • Our service agreement includes a 3-month warranty period after candidate incorporation.
  • We work aiming to build relationships based on trust, professionalism and ethics. We fully understand the importance of a successful result for the organization that uses our services.

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